Thursday, April 26, 2012

Typical night for Las Vegas locals

I should probably get my hearing checked.  This morning I was on the phone changing my address with a credit card company and the customer service rep asked me a question for security purposes, which I thought was just a little too personal. 

"What's my favorite sex name?" I asked.

"Um, no, ma'am.  Your favorite pet's name."

Oh.  That's very different.

Anyway, yesterday I was in the most piss-poor, "I hate everything" mood but everything changed by dinnertime.  My friend Warren, a great guy who struck up a conversation with me on a Southwest flight last year and hasn't been able to get rid of me since, is here from Albany and he took us out for a fantastic meal at The Bootlegger.  Forget low carbs for a night--this place is worth every gram!  The food is always delicious and if you're in town on a Monday night, check out their open mic cabaret.  You'll be entertained by a variety of top notch performers, most of them coming straight from their acts on the Strip.  You never know who will drop in.

After dinner we headed over to the Tropicana to catch a show at the Laugh Factory.  (If you're a Vegas local and don't have a membership to Fill A Seat, don't wait another day.  It will pay for itself in no time.)  I have to give a plug for the opening comic, Andrew Norelli.  Hilarious material and a likeable persona--the perfect combination.   Mike and I were both like, "This guy has what it takes."  He won The World Series of Comedy here in Las Vegas in 2010 and has made some impressive national TV appearances.  Here's a clip from his performance on Craig Furguson.

BTW, the Trop is looking good these days.  I don't think I've been in there since Mom and Stepdaddy got married in the chapel in 2006.  It's an old property, but they've done a good job hippin' it up.  Besides, there's nothing wrong with an old Vegas property, right? 

Afterward, as the three of us walked through the outdoor parking lot in beautiful 70-degree weather, Warren said, "So this is just a typical Wednesday night for you. You two are so lucky."  Yup, Vegas, baby.  It's a fun place to live. And we are so lucky.

Hmmmm... my favorite sex name.  I should get one.


Taradharma said...

nice job on the comedy, that guy. as you say, very personable.

i ate at the Flamingo and hung around the pool when I was in LV (the one time) and I liked the old charm of it -- had more of the classic Las Vegas image to it, you know, old school.

there are so many great restaurants in your city -- I'd have a hard time keeping my weight in check!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Yeah, he's a doll. I talked to him a little after the show. Great guy. You're not kidding about it being hard to keep your weight in check here! I can't eat blackened chicken and broccoli at Red Robin all the time!

grrouchie said...

I've been wanting to get in on the Fill A Seat for a while now.

I can't wait until I have the schedule that will permit me to use it properly!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

I bet! I highly recommend it, when you're ready.

Bar L. said...

Sounds like a great time :) I will be seeing you sometime this summer for sure and can't wait to see Vegas through your eyes!

Donna B. said...

I'm still laughing...will have to check him out and I want to know what you decide your favorite sex name will be...LOL...

JeannetteLS said...

He IS great, yes. And you are lucky, but what I'm saying is, as Donna is saying, please let us know what the sex name is when you get one. Yeah. WHEN.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

@ Barbara: I can't wait to hug the shit out of you!

@ Donna and Jeanette: I'm working on it!