Sunday, May 20, 2012

What? Traveling again???

I'm up in Boise for a few days, having a belated Mother's Day celebration with Mom. I'm busy-busy dragging Mom all over Potatoville and don't have much time to write, and since I seem to have a bunch of new readers, I thought I'd post an updated version of something from a couple of years ago that probably most of you have never seen.  And certainly don't need to know.

25 Random Facts About Me

1. I am the oldest of five kids spread over 14 years. My mother and the girl next to me in French class were pregnant at the same time.

2. I had two kids when I was 21 and still finished my bachelor’s degree at 23.  I got my master's 10 years later.

3. I have never tried soy, sushi, yogurt, or guacamole simply because I don’t like the sound of them.

4. A few years ago, I came in second place in a pretty feet contest. It was held at a gas station in New Orleans.

5. I’m absolutely helpless. I can’t open a box of pasta without making a mess of it. If I have to sit in the emergency exit row of an airplane, I can tell you now, we'll all die.

6. I love men, but I would never, ever want to be one. Unless I were a rock star. Then I’d want to be Neil Young.

7. I have been to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 14 times.

JazzFest 2002, I think.

8. I totally admit that I’m a cross between Private Benjamin and Princess & the Pea.

9. Every morning my weight is somewhere between 137-139.  The most I weighed when I was pregnant was 139.

10. Regarding weight, a famous actress once said that as women age, at some point they’ll have to choose between their ass and their face because as you get older, they’re simply not going to look good at the same time. I’m choosing my face.

11. From day one, my mother told me I was soooo smart and soooo beautiful. That's why I have such high self-esteem; Iit never occurred to me that she'd be lying.

12. When I was little, I asked my mother if the air was blowing the trees around or if the trees were moving and that’s what made it windy. She answered with, “Jesus Christ, what the hell kind of stupid goddamn question is that?” Maybe I wasn't that smart after all.

13. I have never had a day at work that was better than a day at home.

14. I used to regularly consult psychics. Prudence, my tarot card reader, is cheaper and more effective than a therapist.

15. I watched Guiding Light for over 30 years. My sisters and I used to go to NYC for their annual fan club gatherings. So queer! I don’t care--when I first moved to Las Vegas, my friends in Springfield were the only friends I had.

16. I am easily annoyed. And I have zero patience. But I still think I’m nice as hell.

17. I took ballet lessons on and off into my mid-30’s and started again a few months ago. I’m so graceful, I could trip over the pattern in the carpet.

18. I have a sister with whom I've been estranged for five years, but I think of her every day.

19. When I meet people, I know I subconsciously give them extra points if they’re Jewish, Canadian, or gay.  Stereotyping people in a positive way is okay, don't you think?

20. My life’s purpose came to me one morning when I was meditating. “To help others access, acknowledge and accept their God-given talents and help them share those talents with the rest of the world.” Sounds corny as hell, but I do believe it’s true.

21. I believe in love at first sight. I believe it can happen more than once.

22. Sometimes to motivate myself to clean, I pretend Princess Di and JFK, Jr. have come back to life and are coming over for dinner.

23.  I am not very materialistic. Yes, I now have a spiral staircase and a baby grand piano in my living room, I sometimes long for my old apartment with all my junky crap.
Shabby chic!

24. I used to go for younger men. Like at one point I had two kids and a boyfriend all in their 20’s. But I much prefer guys within a couple of years of my own age.  Mike is 6 months younger--perfect.

25. I swear to God, I don’t think I’m any worse looking now than when I was younger. The only thing I hate about getting older is that I’m running out of time and I’m afraid I won’t be able to accomplish everything I want.

Yep, of everything that people should know about me, this is what I’m putting out there!


grrouchie said...

skipping to the end just to comment.
Prudence is also hotter than your therapist most likely would be.
Wow - I now want my cards read!!

~Coach said...

I just stole #3 for my facebook and linked your blog to it. I do have to say however that you're missing out on guacamole, especially if you like Mexican food...

~Coach said...

Now that I've finished the whole list of 25, I could EASILY steal another 4 of them... ;) Very nice!

Taradharma said...

i love your youthful question about the trees and the wind. makes perfect sense to me. a child's mind is free to explore these things, and should.

I'm with you, I'm gonna take care of my face - who cares about my ass?

raydenzel1 said...

tripping over the pattern in the carpet! put on well needed smile on my face today.

Unknown said...

As re 12. That's actually a very smart question. Given only the observation and without any further research, it could go either way. Think earth sun and copernicus. It also relates to 14.

As re 18, she also misses and thinks of you t[w|o]o. Am I allowed to say that? Thankfully you posted this weeks ago and nobody'll notice.