Monday, May 6, 2013

A little inspiration about attitude

All I will say (for now) about the home situation is I'm less bitchy this week than last week.  Nothing's changed except my attitude.

 It's kind of like... Have you ever had a doctor's appointment where they're making you wait and wait and you're getting more and more pissed off and all you want to do is kill somebody and your blood pressure is like a thousand over a million and you reach a point where you say to yourself, "I could walk out right now, motherfuckers" and just the fact that you can say, "Yeah, motherfuckers, I could walk out right now and never look back" and totally mean it... like you're not even going to find another doctor--no, fuck it--you may never see another doctor again in your life, you may give up doctors for good... just that realization makes you feel so empowered that you're not even pissed anymore and when the nurse finally calls your name and you get up from the crappy waiting room seat cushion like you're Clint Eastwood and you just know that nobody is gonna dare fuck with you unless they want this to be their last day on earth and just knowing that you're all Clint Eastwoody, with a drop or two of Ray Liotta and John McEnroe mixed in for good luck... just knowing that, just having that power, gets you through it all.

So it's true--attitude really does change everything!

So inspirational!


Julie D said...

Agreed. And you're headed to Boise this weekend right? So you've got that to look forward to!

Hang in there. I think I need to convince Elizabeth to come to Vegas with me. We need a girls weekend with you!

Taradharma said...

Yes! And you've got to challenge those assumptions that create a bad attitude...usually they are very old habitual "tapes" running through your mind. It just feels so much better to step outside of the black vortex and know that you control your attitude.