Thursday, May 23, 2013

More b.s. (and the first word is bird)

In honor of Monday's bird shit post, yesterday my sister Lori texted me this photo she took:

 Well, even I wouldn't drive around with that crap on my window!

 Here's the actual text:

I didn't go to JazzFest in New Orleans this year, but Lori did:

That would freak me right out. You know me and birds. One of my goals is to live to be 102 and never be shat upon by a bird.  I told you before--if that ever happens, they'd have to put me through a Karen Silkwood shower and line up a series of therapists.

As you can tell from my sister's texts, she's a big fan of exclamation points.  I am, too. We're just naturally excited!!!  Sometimes when I'm sending emails at work I have to go back and take some out so my clients don't think I'm loony. I mean, they already know I am, but they don't need the reminder.  One time I signed off the end of an email with "XOXO" because in real life I really do love that client and it was just a reflex, but I caught myself and took it out and just sent the XOXO sentiment psychically.

Speaking of catching myself, you know what you have to be really careful about when texting?  If you somehow misspell "so much," the iPhone will autocorrect it to "douche." I've caught that twice so far and I shudder to think of how many times I've sent this out:

 Hey, it happens.

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Lisa Gioia-Acres said...

If I leave the door open to my chicken coop, pigeons think it's an open invite. They head for the door, however, when I make an appearance and I think of you every time I duck so they can escape. The other day one landed on my hat-covered head and perched there for a minute before flying off.

Hope you can sleep now after my scary, but true, story.