Thursday, April 8, 2010

Are you related to Beverly d’Angelo and you’re just not telling me?

I LOVE my new car! OMG, I can’t tell you how much. It’s so freakin’ cute and fun to drive and it’s turned me into the absolutely queerest person. I get out and look at it as I walk away. Tuesday I was all “goddamit” when it started to sprinkle. And yesterday as I pulled away from the drive through at Jack-in-the-Box, I snitched a french fry from the bag and then put it back so I wouldn’t get the car all messy. I even park away from other vehicles so no one accidentally bangs into it. If you’re thinking of buying a new car, I highly recommend a Scion. I love it!

And now I can flirt with guys on the road with confidence. Although I did pretty well with my dusty old Saturn with the dent in the roof.

Like a 16-year-old with a newly minted license, I just want to drive, drive, drive. Saturday night I went down to Primm to see Melissa Etheridge. I got free tickets through (great deal for Las Vegas locals) and of course, you can’t see Melissa Etheridge without a lesbian in tow, so I rounded up one of my Jeep-driving BFFs.

Before the show, we ran into one of her friends outside the box office. Kri introduced me and then afterward said, “I knew that girl in high school. We played softball.”

“No shit, I didn’t think you met in ballet class,” I replied.

Nice, aren’t I?

Anyway, I’d never seen Melissa before, and she’s an amazing performer. What a voice. She did “Piece of My Heart” during the encore and I got shivers. You know how your mind wanders during a concert? I was thinking that if I were an actual lesbian and not just a straight chick with a celebrity crush on Beverly d’Angelo, I would totally go for Melissa Etheridge. She seems really nice.

Oh, speaking of Beverly, HELLO—why didn’t anyone tell me about her commercial with Chevy Chase that ran during the Super Bowl? Huh? Last week one of my friends sent me a link to it and I was like I can’t freakin’ believe one of my blog readers didn’t clue me in before now. Jeez.

Is she gorgeous or what?

I told you I was queer.


linda said...

Finally I have caught up with all of your posts - I have been a busy non blog visiting gal this year.

Your new car is very sexy. My new car is almost 3 years old and I still go "aaahhhh" when I get into it each morning. My boss pays for it to get detailed every two weeks so it looks and smells like new.

I wonder if the car with give you the same loyalty of your old one?

Hurricane Mikey said...

Now that you drive a nice car, the Henderson cops won't be pulling you over nearly as much.

You can't be drivin' that ghetto Saturn around in Henderson and not expect to be hassled by The Man.

Julie D said...

Yeah so imagine having this car that you love and are so careful with and two months later some frickin idiot puts a $300 dent in it for you. Welcome to my world.

38 more days til I'm in Vegas. Just so you know. :)

clew said...

Hi! Just blogwandering today and ran across your blog.

Beverly is from my hometown. Exciting, eh?

She *is* pretty hot.

Anonymous said...

You're making me want to get a new car. I'm holding out though...10 more months.

I love Beverly Di Angelo too...yummie. Move over Chevy.

gayle said...

I know what you mean. Mine is almost a year old and I love it!!

Doreen McGettigan said...

Nice car!! I am stuck with Ford/Lincoln/Mercury or Suzuki because my husband sells beloved Mustang was crushed recently and I was devastated (happy to get away with just a concussion from the freaking seat belt) but damn I liked that now I must decide..a new mustang or something more practical that doesn't kill my back when I'm installing one of my 10 and 3/4 grand kids into the car seat..decisions; decisions..

Gianetta said...

I still park my 2002 Mustang as far away as possible from other vechicles. BTW...I didn't know it rained in Vegas.

Bar L. said...

I think I can speak for the majority of your long time readers that IF we had been aware of the Bev D'A ad/vid, you would have been the first to know.

I kind of wish I was a lesbian sometimes.

I love Melissa!

Lisa Gioia-Acres said...

Hem, hem, I don't see any mention whatsoever about my input on the purchase of your new car. I started the Scion trend, remember? I have the first generation, an XA. From there I've pretty much been responsible for many Scion sales: my in-laws have an XA, one daughter an XB and the other daughter has the XC. My friend Angela has your version - and now you! I deserve credit, plus maybe commission from Toyota.

Glad you like it and you do look really cool in it!