Saturday, April 24, 2010

Would you rather do things or have things?

As Purgefest 2010 continues, I realize I have very few possessions that really mean much to me. Sure, if something happened to my collection of Ross Dress-for-Less tops, I’d be a little bummed, but hell, it would take only about 50 bucks to replace the whole lot.

I used to have a Green Valley Ranch wine glass that I loved, and was pissed when I accidentally broke it. I'd bought two of them for my mother one Mother’s Day, and Mom even offered to give me one of hers, but I said, “No, just leave them to me in your will; that way I’ll have something to look forward to when you die.” Well, one of hers broke a while ago and then the other day she called to say the other one broke, too. So yeah, there goes my friggin’ inheritance.

Other than my fake dog, Stiff, the only other things I’m really attached to (now that I no longer have my Saturn, but I still see that in the parking lot at work every day) are my decorations and my jewelry.

And my fridge magnets. Here’s the top half.

And the bottom.

I started this collection about 10 years ago with Bastard Husband. We did a lot of traveling, which I loved.
My refrigerator makes me sad. I counted them today—thirty-three magnets, souvenirs of our trips together, representations of the good life.

Some came from cities: Seattle, Montreal, New Orleans, Auckland. Some from more obscure destinations: Jerome, Arizona; Taos, New Mexico; Deadwood, South Dakota. Then there’s our national park collection: Arches, Joshua Tree, Rocky Mountain, and our old neighborhood playgrounds, Bryce and Zion.

Whenever I get a bowl of ice cream, which is now four times a day—two during my soap and two whenever the hell I want—I’m reminded of the fun we had traveling together. Are those days truly over?

-- p.55, Bastard Husband: A Love Story
My travels with B.H. are over, but since I wrote that I’ve found other people to travel with and have doubled my collection. Oh, how I love to travel! I know you’re supposed to stay in the present moment, but I’m a planner and I especially love to plan road trips. I don’t need stuff. I’ve already had a house for my kids to grow up in. And now that they’re grown, give me the open road any day!

How about you? Would you rather have things or do things?

And by popular demand, here’s the latest picture of Hazel I stole from my son-in-law’s Facebook page.

Have a great weekend!


Carol in MN said...

Right on the money as usual, Linda! Collecting experiences rather than stuff. I see so many people that are so proud of their stuff, and I can't help but feel a bit sorry for them. Stuff (even really neat stuff) can get to the point of "owning" you, and that's just sad.

Road trips are the BEST! If anyone is looking for a Thelma to their Louise, sign me up :) (or the other way around...that's cool too - because I'm flexible)

Hazel is just the sweetest little doll, and lucky too! She has such a fun family ;)

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Carol, I'd love to make my way through Minnesota. I've never been there, and I'd love to check out Minneapolis. Maybe when I come back west, whenever that will be (definitely before it gets cold!) I'll pick you up on the way!

I can't wait to get my hands on Hazel!!!

Anonymous said...

haha~ funny! thank you for your share~ ........................................

Lorna said...

OMG I collect travel fridge magnets too (only I have a fraction of yours, lol). LOVE your jewelry collection; it is magnificent. Being in the present moment is always so much easier for me when I travel...I love the excitement, the freshness of new places, new people, new perspective. Definitely with you on collecting experience over stuff; lately wanting to distill my possessions into a backpack...but I still am raising kids.

Hazel is such a doll!!! I am so happy for you getting to be with her. Nothing like being present with a grandchild :). Hugs!

Mandy said...

My husband says all the time he wants a big screen TV. I say, "let's use the money to go on a cruise or NYC!" So that should tell you that I'd rather live and travel too. We haven't taken a vacation in a long time! It seems it's always a visit to see family. I hope to change that later this summer. Now that our toddler is potty trained and requires less accessories, the time is ours to take a chance and create our own adventure.

I love your fridge magnets! Great signs of where you've been, literally. Have fun in your new road ventures ahead!

Anonymous said...

Hazel is down right beautiful!!!

As for the fridge magnets....I collected pint glasses with my ex. Kind of makes me a tiny bit sad but then I look at them a different way and want to smash every single one of them against his skull. :-) But that would be too sad. HAHA

Julie D said...

I love seeing things in pictures that I've seen in real life in your apartment!!! LOL

Hazel is just gorgeous. I can almost smell the Baby Magic just by looking at her.

Bar L. said...

I have the exact same earring rack! Also collect magnets and shot glasses of everywhere I visit.

You have lots. Give lots too.

Donna B. said...

I also collect fridge magnets. I have so many, you can barely tell what color the fridge is. Course I packed them all, to look "uncluttered" while having the house up for sale. Same with all our pictures. Next time, I am leaving them up. Who cares? Pretty sad if people can't have an imagination.

I like making "nests",and having a "home base". That being said, I enjoy adventure and new places too. Never been a material girl...

Carol in MN said...

Minneapolis is ready for you...I'm making a list of dive bars/live music venues. However, you are right about the weather thing. It's a nice place to visit if the weather cooperates...

Happy Trails!

Other Mikey's Julie said...

Hey Carol - share that list please! We are headed to MN this summer (husband has family in Perham) I am hoping to make a trip to the city while we are there. husband is certain all our time will be spent on the lake - but I am still optimistic.
Thank you!!
LL - Right now (with small children) I find comfort in my home, comfortable sofa and grassy backyard, someday when I am a granny I hope to have a collection of magnets to rival yours!

gayle said...

Love little Miss Hazel!! I love traveling!!