Friday, April 23, 2010

I’m a radio guest TONIGHT

I’ve been asked to be a guest on the debut segment of “Grogan’s Tavern” tonight at 7 p.m. Pacific time on KLAV 1230 AM. Listen live by going to

It’s an interesting premise for a radio show. Here are some details I pulled off a press release:
Beginning Friday, April 23rd at 7 p.m. on KLAV 1230 AM radio, bestselling author and member of the Las Vegas Arts Commission Stephen Patrick Grogan will host an hour long cultural entertainment show, interestingly enough called “Grogan’s Tavern.”

“With all the budgetary negatives going on with city services,” explained Grogan, “I thought it was time we dwelt on some of the positive activities that make this a great city. And instead of a dry, boring talk show, I like the idea of a friendlier, social atmosphere. To an Irishman, a pub or tavern is the perfect watering hole for intellectual gossip and camaraderie.”

KLAV Program Director Jon Lindquist said the format will seek to be fun and witty. “Stephen Patrick Grogan is looking for interesting characters for his show. Please apply. We hope “Grogan’s Tavern” becomes an urban Prairie Home Companion, or more so, a Cheers with IQ.”

Grogan is the author of Vegas Die, which has gained a cult following for its major hook: a dagger worth $25,000 is hidden somewhere in the Vegas Valley, and the clues are in the book. In July, his next mystery will be released entitled, Captain Cooked. “This has a treasure hunt component as well as serves up Hawaiian recipes,” said Grogan. “Being a closet epicurean, for the radio program, I want to showcase some of the great yet unheralded restaurants and chefs in town. The show will also draw attention to local talent, whether music, literary, or art. No stuffy conversation because I will be the gadfly bartender!”
Hope you’ll listen in!

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