Thursday, May 6, 2010

TSA worker gives nun head and other cool photos!

Take a look at this picture. I saw this on Facebook and asked my friend Lori Van Buren if I could post it here. Lori’s a photographer for the Albany Times Union. Her Facebook post says, “I was at the airport shooting something for work. Looked down at the TSA checkpoint and I had to shoot this. Let’s come up with some good captions.”

Can you freakin' believe that?

This reminds me of the time in the Hartford, CT, airport when I was in back of this little old Italian lady who set the scanner off with her rosary beads. Half a dozen people were patting her down and wanding her and causing a general ruckus. Don’t hate me for saying this, but if 99.9 percent of the troublemakers fit a certain profile, let’s direct our guerrilla prevention tactics at them instead of Mother Teresa’s first cousin or an elderly nun with the map of Ireland on her face. Sometimes being politically correct can be just plain stupid.

And now for the latest pics I stole off Courtney’s site.

Hazey in tie-dye. She looks like a good, sturdy baby, huh?

A close-up. I swear, I am gonna eat. her. up. when I see her later this month!

And here she is as a future How Am I Normal? contributor.

Funny, I bet I could dig up some photos of her mother and uncle similarly surrounded by guitars. Yeah, they could definitely contribute.

Hey, thanks for the feedback on my anthology idea. I’ve already received several submissions--yay!

One last pic. I had dinner last night at Grimaldi’s with Hurricane Mikey and blog reader Tricia and her husband of Champaign, Illinois. I met Tricia a couple of months ago after my show—it was great to see her again and meet her husband, Mike. Thanks again for dinner, you guys!

The blogosphere is a wonderful place. I’ve made so many friends here. I’m a very lucky gal.

Jettin' up to Boise this weekend to spend Mother's Day with Mom and Stepdaddy. Again, I'm a lucky gal.


Other Mikey's Julie said...

Yay! Boise bound! It is very cold here today - so bring some of that Vegas weather with you!
My worry with just targeting a certain type is that then the bad guys will just find nuns to do their dirty work... or maybe not.
I am still convinced that Courtney is taking pictures of a lifelike doll because I have never seen a baby that looks that perfect.

Anonymous said...

Wow that's ridiculous! What's next?????

Hazel is just so beautiful! Enjoy your time with her!

Julie D said...

Love that picture of her surrounded by guitars. That is priceless. Boy, she looks like her mama, doesn't she? I can't wait to see pictures of you with her!

Happy Mother's Day, my dear friend. See you NEXT WEEKEND! Yay!

gayle said...

Hazey is so so cute!!

Bar L. said...

She is a sturdy looking little bundle of love! Nothing is as wonderful as picking up a little baby and breathing in their little baby scent....ahhhhhh so perfect.