Thursday, October 6, 2011

The year in review -- what I did at age 53

Last year around my birthday, I wrote this post as a recap of what I did while I was 52.  Since my birthday was Monday (I know, how many times do you have to hear about my birthday, huh?), I wanted to do the same for this past year.

October 2010.  Started off the year in beautiful Lake Placid, New York, on a fun road trip with my daughter and grandchildren.

Connor inherited my "morning hair" gene
Enjoyed the last month with my family in Albany before returning back to Vegas.   Saw one of my comic heroes, Louis CK, perform.

November 2010.  Took my second cross-country road trip of 2010 with my sister Lori; this time our mother joined us.  Oh, what a blast!  Went to the racetrack in Churchill Downs, Kentucky; visited Helen Keller's birthplace in Tuscumbia, Alabama, for the second time in six months; saw the world-famous Coon Dog Cemetery and Rattlesnake Saloon (both in northern Alabama); spent three days in Mississippi (including a trip to Elvis' birthplace, explored hot spots like Albany, Texas, and Pie Town, New Mexico; and dragged Mom to at least four biker bars as we made our way back to Vegas.

Memorable video:  Running out of gas on the NYS Thruway

Also that month:  The Albany newspaper, the Times Union, printed my submission in their weekly "Life Stories" feature that highlights readers' life experiences; went to LA for a weekend to see my friend Nina (the "Mona" character in my book) and saw Archie Bunker's grave in Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park.

December 2010. Was on the Hannity program on Fox News.  Never saw that coming!  I'm at 1:06.  Trust me, I have no clue what I'm talking about.  I just wish I'd had to balls to add, "Babba-Booey, Babba-Booey!"

Also that month;  Excerpts from Bastard Husband: A Love Story were printed in  Oil and Water and Other Things That Don't Mix, an anthology to benefit charities helping those affected by the Gulf oil spill.

January 2011.  An essay I had recorded during the summer for WAMC Northeast Public Radio in Albany finally aired.  You can listen to it here.  Auditioned for America's Got Talent, which was a blast.  Took a great trip to Sedona with Mike.

February 2011.  Released  Bastard Husband: A Love Story on Kindle.  Decided I needed some space and rented a small apartment, my own private Linda Land, with an amazing view of the Las Vegas valley.

Also that month:  Took a quick trip to see the folks in Boise and Connor came to Vegas for a visit.

March 2011.  Met the Original Buns of Steel guy, Greg Smithy.  Actually, I flew through the Petco parking lot like Starsky and Hutch and nearly ran him over.

 Also that month:  Took a trip with Mike to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park.

April 2011.  Was the featured speaker at the opening night cocktail reception of the Las Vegas Writers' Conference.  The next day I returned to Albany for my granddaughter's first birthday.

Beautiful Hazel with cake in hand
Also that month:  Took an overnight trip to Burlington, Vermont, with Connor and visited the Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory.  Watched my friend Adrian win second place in the Miss Laughlin contest at the annual Laughlin River Run bike fest.

May 2011.  Back to Boise for Mother's Day with Mom.

Also that month:  Shit hit the fan with Mike and I moved into Linda Land.  For good.

June 2011.  Met Mary Wilson of The Supremes at a meeting of the Henderson Writers' Group and the brewmaster of my very favorite places to hang in Las Vegas, Ellis Island Casino & Brewery.  Took another trip to Sedona and Prescott, Arizona, this time with my friend Gail.

July 2011.  Met Norm MacDonald and Kato Kailin at The Fryer's Club, a weekly gathering for local comics.   Announced that Mike and I were splitsville for good this time and a week later got back together for good this time and there's no turning back.  My sister Lori came out for a visit.  Saw Peter Frampton in concert and took a trip to San Diego to check out Del Mar Racetrack.

August 2011.  Gave up Linda Land and Mike and I moved into our awesome rental.  I wake up every day in this room with a huge smile.  (And go to bed each night with one, too.  Giggity.)

Also that month:  Connor came back to visit.  Mike and I took the kids LEGOAND in San Diego and then Connor and I did the Zion and Bryce Canyon national parks.

September 2011.   Headed back to Albany.  Took in the Saratoga Racetrack with the family and was a "celebrity" judge in the Capital District" Last Comic Standing competition.  Bastard Husband: A Love Story was mentioned in this article entitled "The Best Love Stories" in the freakin' WALL STREET JOURNAL! 

All during the year:  Finally seem to have licked my stage fright and can actually enjoy doing stand-up comedy! 

Your life is your own personal creation; it's a reflection of the choices you make.  I am thankful I had the good health to do everything I did this past year.  God willing, age 54 will be even better!


Josie said...

Wow! And those were just the highlights. Woman, you have stamina and energy!

Anonymous said...

You make me feel like a slug! Seems you always have fabulous years and you are right, it's all about the choices you make - I guess I gotta start making some.

BC Angel

(P.S. Happy belated birthday)

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Thank you, BC Angel! And Josie, I could use a LOT more energy than what I have. XOXO

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. And wow that is some year my friend. I am so happy I got to spend some of this year beside you, if just online. Happy birthday and congrats on all your accomplishments. Btw, love the new layout.

Caz Wilson said...

That video always makes me LOL so hard!

K A B L O O E Y said...

Wow, Linda, that's really an amazing year you had. Congratulations and happy (belated) birthday to you!