Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happiest day of my life!

I'm writing this late Monday night and it's the first I've fired up my laptop since last Wednesday.  On Saturday my precious son, Christopher, married the love of his life, Ketti, in Thatcher State Park up in the Helderberg Mountains outside of Albany, New York.  So simple, so beautiful...

The pavilion, all ready for guests to arrive...

Here's the lookout point where the ceremony was to take place.  It was drizzling all morning and we all had our fingers crossed about the weather.  It takes a lot of nerve to plan an outdoor wedding in upstate New York, but thankfully, the weather held up!

The groom and his friends blowing off some steam before the bride arrived...

Beautiful Ketti makes the scene with her dad...

My brother-in-law Russ performed the ceremony.  Short, sweet, and touching.

Who's that little one in the background?  Why, it's the most serious baby on earth.  How freakin' adorable is she?   Courtney made her flower head dress.

The rings make it official!

I admit, I am one of those mothers who thinks their son is the most amazing person who ever walked the earth.  There is nothing that could make me happier than knowing he will walk through life with this woman.

Here's Courtney, Ketti, Chris, and Ketti's brother, Jessie. 

Is it me, or does it look like Chris and Ketti essentially married their own siblings?  Huh???

Here are two happy couples.  Okay, yes, I did wear black to my son's wedding (what the hell?).  It was my back-up dress.  I looked too fat in the first one, and you know black is slenderizing.  Oh, shut up!

Don't Mike and I look like little shorties next to them?  (Chris is about 6'4" and Ketti's almost 5'11".)

Want to see a pic of my first ex?  Here you go!

He's a great guy.  And days like this are an excellent reason to make sure you always maintain a pleasant relationship with your ex.  Your children will appreciate it.  Truly.

Look how big Connor is getting! Damn.

Time for dinner...

And some fun...

At night the die-hards went back to Chris and Ketti's house for some home-grown music on the deck. 

It was a thrilling day.  Seriously, I thought I would burst from happiness.  At the end of the night, Christopher said, "I just wish my granny could be here," and her presence was the only thing missing.  Mom couldn't travel because of her recent blood pressure scare, and we sure missed her. 

I am so very grateful.  I know you join me in wishing Chris and Ketti all the best!


Tender Heart Bear said...

I wish your son and his wife all the best. I am sorry your mom could not make it. All of you looked so nice in the pictures.

I know how you feel. My son was suppose to get married last year but it did get cancelled.

I am glad everyone had a good time. This weekend my niece is getting married and we have to go up north for that. My boyfriend is going to be taking the pictures of the wedding for her. It is going to be outside also.

raydenzel1 said...

a wonderful time, wonderful setting, wonderful pictures and you of course look wonderful!

Carmel said...

What a beautiful family! My well wishes to the handsome couple.

~Coach said...

Awwwwww... Congratulations! :)

Julie D said...

First and foremost, you look FABULOUS. Either marriage agrees with you, or your hairdresser needs to fly to Ohio and fix ME too. But something very right is going on there with you, sister!

Second, I think this is the perfect wedding...just what I would do.

Third, I am not gonna comment on the "they married their siblings" thing other than to say...um yeah. LOL That's hilarious!!!!

Last....you need to post more pictures of Hazel. I fall in love with that serious little face every time I see it.

Sous-chef said...

Freaking awesome....blessings to all.

Taradharma said...

what a beautiful day! Love shines from all this pictures (well, save, perhaps, the serious one's scowl). So happy that thee two have found each other and are making a life together -- I'm smiling from ear to ear. Congratulations, mama!~

Debbie said...

Beautiful pictures!

1. I am so in love with baby Hazel and her serious little face I just wanna give her a big mooch!


3. I'm going on a diet. LOL!


Mimi said...

congrats to Chris and Ketti, also to you Linda, mother-of-the-groom.
You look fantastic! I love the neckline of your dress, and, as they'd say here "there's not a pick on you".
I'm glad you're so happy for them, there would be nothing worse than to marry off the most amazing person who ever walked the earth to a wife you didn't like.
Glad you had a great day! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Thanks, all! I am overflowing with love!!!

Liz said...

Congrats to the happy couple! What a lovely wedding and a great looking family! I'm sorry your Mom couldn't be there but she was there in her heart and soul.

Bar L. said...

It was so fun to see this spectacular and joyous day!!! Hazel cracks me up, she's too cute for words. Chris and Ketti look SO HAPPY and you rocked that little black dress!