Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quick, stupid post

While I was back East, my sister Lori and our friend Donna and I took a day trip to Northampton, Massachusetts.  Northampton is a cool little city about 15 miles north of Springfield.  It has cute shops, an eclectic music scene, and the most lesbian couples per capita of any city in the U.S. 

As you can see, men have a designated place in that town; on this day, there was not one to be found.


Speaking of men, I had to laugh at this picture of the Jersey Shore boys in my Entertainment Weekly magazine.  

Okay, there's nothing that funny about that specific picture.  But check out how it looks upside down.

Seems like at least two of them could breastfeed all the starving children in Africa.  I guess it's all a matter of perspective...


JeannetteLS said...

Northampton is one of my favorite quick runaways. About an hour from my home--perhaps less. I love the whole triangle of Northampton east to Amherst and north to Montague, home of one of the best used bookstores I can imagine.

I've been out of the virtual world for the most part for over a month--living in the real world and re-filling the well, I guess.

But I just wanted to say, I LOVE short "stupid" posts. And you are right, the Joisey boys could feed a country of starving children and then some.

Yup. And I love reading about your life. It is full and funny and full of love.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about attending the free 60 minute Zappos tour in Henderson? Since you work in the field of corporate training, thought it might be interesting to hear your perspectives on the Zappos "CULT-ure" LOL!

Soon these hipsters will be taking over downtown Las Vegas! (Isn't that a high crime area?) Wacky! Oops, I meant to say "weird." Just like Zappos doesn't hire "Receptionists" but rather "Time Ninjas." Just remember, you can be fired at any given time for no longer "fitting into their unique brand of CULT-ure."
(Remember that one episode of The Office when Creed dyed his hair black & started riding a skateboard? That's right, Linda! More people with tattoos to wait on you! LOL!