Monday, April 26, 2010

This is what I love to hear!

I received this message yesterday. Totally unsolicited--I didn't pay him off or anything!

There's nothing like knowing your creation is appreciated.
Just finished your book and I feel as if we could meet as old friends, sit down and have a heart to heart intimate conversation. I could ask questions about how everyone is in Albany and Vegas and then tell you about my life, realizing only later that you don't know a damn thing about me. But then, I would want to pour my emotions out to you, as you did to me in the book, as if we were on the phone together for the past few days.

This quality is the mark of a superior writer, who has the guts and courage to bare all down to the skeleton, boobs included. It begs people to write and ask how these memorable people, so vividly portrayed by your pallet, are, and want to know if they have a page on Facebook.

A memorable bestseller worth a couple of reads.

Borneo Tom
By the way, how are your creations coming along? You know I love to nag you about sharing your gifts, but when you get feedback like this, it's totally worth it.


Unknown said...

Is Borneo Tom married?

What a guy! It really makes a difference to know that what you do, you do well and are reaching people.

My creations are all over the place right now. My children's book is not where I want it to be. I'm considering self-publishing but then again, I'm really not sure if that would be wise for a children's book. But, thanks for asking!

How's your beautiful grandbaby?

Bar L. said...

I just got out my paints today will keep you posted....

Josie said...

A memorable bestseller worth a couple of reads.

I agree! I recently re-read BH and was even more inspired. My sister actually noticed my improved posture (chest out, shoulders down)lol.

And my poker blog is going GREAT. Really enjoying the writing...not enjoying a couple of the comments but I guess that's par for the course with male poker bloggers for readers.

Take care.