Tuesday, January 10, 2012

200 channels, nothing to watch

What are you watching on TV these days? 

I was under the weather all weekend and even took yesterday off from work.  Nothing major--just a bad cold that put me on the couch for a few days.  Ordinarily there would be a silver lining to that; a good excuse to curl up on the couch with a furry throw and see what I've been missing on TV lately.

Apparently nothing.

Last summer was a goldmine for me, with new seasons of Rescue Me, Louie, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.  But after Curb ended (and God knows when it will be back), I didn't see anything worth watching on HBO and cancelled it.  And with Rescue Me finished for good and Louie gone till next season, I'm left with only with Modern Family (thank you, God) and Family Guy, which quite honestly is not having its best run this year.

Mike and I recently started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix; we've been through about four episodes.  I appreciate that it's well done--Bryan Cranston is fantastic--but man, it's way too graphic and violent for my taste.  I have Sons of Anarchy and Mad Men on my instant queue, but I'm not dying to fire them up. 

What am I missing?  What are you watching that the world should know about?


Taradharma said...

Not much on t.v. I hear that Shameless on Showtime is great. I'm watching the original, british version on Netflix instant download and it is sad, funny, human.

I love Modern Family but somehow never seem to be in front of my t.v. when it's on, and I don't have recording ability. Oh well.

The Daily Show and Colbert Report are my basic go-tos, and I can find the re-runs during the day on Comedy Central.

T.V. seems to be getting worse, poorer, more stupid, worthless. Ugh.

Tender Heart Bear said...

I watch NCIS that is one here every Tuesday night, Animal Channel the shows that they rescue animals from people that don't take care of them and Gene Simmons family jewel.

I just flip through the channels to see what is on. Sometimes there is a really good movie on and I just watch that. I hope this helps you!♥

Jay said...

Oh, how I wish Deadwood was still in production. Best.Show.Ever. But likely too violent and vulgar for a lot of folks out there...other than that, Person of Interest with Jim Caviezel is about all I can recommend these days. He's *so* underrated.

Kellee said...

Breaking Bad is my favorite show. Curb is my second, I just love Larry. Louie is my third pick. I like Mad Men. Dexter used to be good. Boardwalk Empire is the only thing decent on HBO of late. Always Sunny in Philadelphia is so wrong but good. I got tired of Sons of Anarchy, I watch Shameless and Californication, but neither are great. The show I'm most looking forward to returning is Episodes. Season one was great, very witty and filled with fish out of water humor.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Hmmm... seems like Shameless is one to check out on Hulu. (I gave up Showtime long ago.) Person of Interest and Episodes are totally new to me--good to know.

I used to watch Californication--it was watchable, but not "must-see TV." I think I'd like Deadwood, especially since I believe I'm a reincarnation of a Wild West saloon girl.

Thanks for the tips! (And THB, NCIS is my grandson's favorite show!)

raydenzel1 said...

I watch NCIS on USA network reruns, can plop on the couch for hours.

BBC America with Chef Ramsey, and Dr. Who is a good watch.

We have two History channels so I am always looking to see what they have on.
I love Ancient Aliens and Ancient Inventions. Another attention grabber.

I used to be devoted to House for years but it has fallen off track of late.

I do find other stuff on occasion, we had the premium channels and found we didn't watch it much and dropped it.

We do have Direct TV which is much better then cable,at least in this area. So I always find something new flipping through the channels. I do love the music channels and when I am home alone, it makes great background music.

Feel better.


Liz said...

As you know Modern Family is great! We really only watch stuff on History, Discovery, TLC, Syfy, etc.

I'm a HUGE fan of Mythbusters and Ghost Hunters (both versions). We've also started watching Celebrity Ghost Stories. It's interesting to see "famous" people tell thier stories about hauntings and encounters.

Mike Dennis said...

BOARDWALK EMPIRE's season 2 just wrapped up, but is probably still around on the On Demand channel. That's a winner of a show.

JUSTIFIED begins its third season Tuesday at 10 EST on FX. It's a terrific show with Timothy Olyphant as a US Marshal who's a little too quick on the draw.

I'm also a sucker for HOUSE HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL on HGTV, where people look to buy homes in foreign countries, often very exotic locales.

Anonymous said...

Burn Notice
Breaking Bad
THIS TV (digital tv movie channel)
RETRO TV (digital tv old tv shows channel: The A Team, Rockford Files,
Kojak, Buck Rogers)

Julie D said...


It is the best show on TV, hands down. Start with season one and go from there.

You won't regret it.

Michael and my son got me into Breaking Bad, and I liked it, but Sons is still soooooooooo much better.

You can thank me later.

Gina D. said...

Psych is one of my favorites. It's well written and acted. There a few cute guys in it too, if that helps. I love it because there are a ton of references to things that happened in the 80s and the 90s--it's on netflix if you want to give it a whirl. It isn't exactly edgy, but the two main characters often make me laugh out loud when I get the chance to watch.