Saturday, January 7, 2012

No, I did not get shot in the eye, but thanks for your concern

Thank you all for your concern.  I know that when you read this article, "Woman Shot in Eye Finishes Beer Before Accepting Medical Treatment," you immediately thought, OMG!  Linda got shot in the eye? Well, you'll be happy to know I'm not the woman in question and if the photo accompanying the article is representative of the beer she was drinking, she is, in fact, crazy.  I mean, seriously... Budweiser?

Thank you, Debbie of From Venting to Viggo fame, for bringing that to my attention.  Debbie also left this comment on Thursday's post about Jennifer Aniston's hair extensions:
I feel so betrayed!!! I thought Jennifer's hair was all her own!!!
I know there are more important issues in the world than whether or not Jen is pulling one over on us, but this really does have implications surrounding the standards that average, garden variety women hold themselves to.  I mean, come on!  Jennifer Aniston is known for her gorgeous hair, and now we find out it's not even all hers?  Who saw that coming?

This is just further proof that it's a safe bet that the actresses and models we see in celebrity magazines barely resemble their natural "baseline," if you will.   Remember this video, put out by Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty?  It's a reminder that even supermodels don't look like supermodels.

The picture I posted on Thursday of me in my robe with no makeup?  That's my baseline, people, and I'm fifty-freakin'-four years old.  And I bet you have pictures of your baseline self looking just as good, no--better. 

I'm not saying we shouldn't do what we can--and want to do--to keep up our looks.  Who doesn't want to look good?  I wear makeup, color my hair, bleach my teeth...  we just have to keep in mind what exactly the media is feeding us.  I've ranted before about how everyone in Hollywood is supposed to be a size 0--that's crazy stuff--and that I've never met a man who'd prefer a bag of bones over a woman with curves. 

The bottom line is, love who you are.  Everyone else does.

Getting back to what men like, I have a hunch that it's women who find Jennifer Aniston so attractive, not men.  Just for fun, guys, what do you think?  Is Jen your type of gal?


raydenzel1 said...

you asked.
I think the hair is probably the most important. Many women ignore it and think it doesn't matter, they are wrong. Find the right style and i will notice. I like the minimum makeup on a woman. Maybe I am being fooled, but that is okay.

As for Jennifer, I wasn't to sure until I seen her on the Daily Show.
She seemed like a down to earth, pull up a chair, share a beer kind of girl. From then on I liked her.
And I like her laugh. very important to me.
Guys know make up goes on and off and we have to like you in the before picture first. Messy hair, drool on the pillow. Win our hearts and we ignore everything else.
just one guys opinion...

Bottom line, her hair is only a small part.


Bar L. said...

I'm so glad I started my day here, I got a good laugh about the shot in the eye beer lady not being you!

I think this is such an important topic (the "Hollywood/Superstar Standard") especially for young girls who use them as role models. So tragic on many levels.

As for Jen. I don't know why, but I've never really "liked" her. I don't dislike her, but she's not someone I admire like some celebrities. Her hair, however, is awesome and it disappoints me to find out its not real. On the other hand, that means I have better hair than she does :)

I think it was crappy of Brad to have an affair on Jen but Angelina is such a better fit for him since they're both very into humanitarian issues, philanthropy and lots of babies.

(thanks for your comment the other day, I'm doing better. You rock my world.)

drewzepmeister said...

Oh wow...Jennifer Aniston has hair extensions. Not surprising. Then I'm proud to say my hair is my own. (It's midway down my back.)

I'm not much in for vanity, after all, beauty is only skin deep.

Josie said...

1. Jen Aniston is a hottie. I once had a dream where I met her by the pool in vegas and she was sunning herself topless.

2. I wouldn't have the courage to post a photo of myself sans makeup. I'm toying with the idea but dont' think i can do it. there's a reason why I spend hundreds of dollars on makeup - and i guess there's a reason (many) why I aspire to be like you.

Julie D said...

I don't get the whole extensions thing, especially for her. If you want your hair long, grow it that way. Why ruin it with extensions especially if you're going to keep it long all the time? I mean, if you want longer hair for an event, like "Hey, I'm gonna get extensions for my wedding", that's one thing, but if you play to have long hair as your signature look...just grow it!

I wasn't concerned that woman was you...I knew you wouldn't be caught dead with a Bud in your hand.

Kym said...

Love this post! You are a great example for us 50-something women! Thank you!

Tender Heart Bear said...

I would have never known that Jennifer's hair was not her own. I always thought that it was. This just makes me feel better about myself, knowing that I don't need to do what the celebrities have do to themselves to feel good about myself.

I so like her as an actress she is really good.

Debbie said...

OK FIRST ... I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you mention me! It makes me feel as though I am at your level your Bloggesness.
SECOND, I really was shocked that Jen has extensions duh. I loved her romantic comedies but she's getting up there and those roles are ... well, she's getting a little too old now. Sorry but that's life.
THIRD you travel Linda. You see what real people look like all over the USA and most of them look like me and you ... not Jennifer Aniston.
FOUR - If I won the lottery I'd have my double chin sucked out and my eyelids tucked up.
FIVE. I will never win the lottery therefore I'm with you. US GALS GOTTA LOVE WHO WE ARE!
SIX ... IF ANYONE saw me without makeup they would walk right past me because I look like an 80 year old lady without all the spackel I put on my face.