Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Following up on stuff I've talked about before

Thank you, thank you for all your input on what I should call my "getting from A to B" service.  In addition to your comments here, I've had a couple of interesting ones on Facebook.  One is "Personal Inspirational Mentoring Partner," or PIMP for short.  Hello, I'm Linda and I'll be your life PIMP.  The other is the R-rated  "growth guide."  Schwing!

I do appreciate all your suggestions.  My pal Vegas Flea gave me something else to think about:
"The existing term really is 'life coach' but its such an undesirable term that the best thing would be for you to simply start out and let your satisfied clients refer clients to you and not worry too much what your business card has on it."
I might just do that.  It's not like I'm looking to market this service or anything; word of mouth is all I had in mind.  And he hit the nail on the head about the term "life coach" being undesirable.  I'm trying to figure out why--I guess I think of life coaches as being all wholesome and righteous and politically correct.  God knows and you know that's not me.  I just want to help people get shit done.  Maybe that sums it up right there.

"Linda Lou... making shit happen since 2012"
"Linda Lou... laxative for your life!"  Okay, now I'm just going in a bad direction.  See what I mean? Real life coaches would never say shit.
Anyway, on Saturday night I got to meet Debbie from the fabulous blog From Venting to Viggo.  She is adorable and I could have talked her ear off for days.  I was prepared for a totally off the wall whack job to rival Julie of 47 and Starting Over (now Fifty and Fabulous) fame, but Debbie is the sweetest person on earth and I'm not just saying that because she said I'm WAY better looking in real life, which happens to be true.  Anyway, my dear Julie, your title remains intact.  I love you both.

The absolute best thing about blogging is meeting my readers and other bloggers.   I can guarantee that both of these nutcases amazing women are destined to be my life-long friends.  I feel so lucky.

iPhone photos suck indoors
What else...  Mike and I are still on track with our no carbs diet.  Seriously, the weight is melting away and we are NOT depriving ourselves; we're just looking at the nutritional menus of every restaurant we can and making the wisest choices.  It's almost like a game.

Do you have a Red Robin near you?  If you do, check out this awesome menu customizer before you head there.  It's amazing how well you can eat for very little carbs.  I had the blackened chicken with no bun and substituted broccoli for fries.  It was delicious!

Less than 400 calories and only 9 grams of carbs!
Oh, that's ice tea, not beer.   But the good news is, Guinness Draught is only 9.9 carbs--the best bang for the buck in the dark beer category.  Rest assured I'm not about to switch to Miller Lite. 

Don't get me wrong--I do cook at home, but it's eating out that can really pack on the pounds.  But if you take a look at the nutritional info beforehand, you'll at least know what you're getting.  Baja Fresh, Panda Express, and Red Robin are all excellent restaurants if you're watching carbs.  On the other hand, I'm sorry to say my days of Panera Bread are over.  And if you want to pack on weight like there's no tomorrow, head on over to your nearest Five Guys.

Yeah, Mike and I are really pleased with the progress we're making; I'm down 7 pounds and he's down 10.  It's so much easier if your partner is in it with you, that's for sure.  And speaking of "doing it" with your partner, sorry if this is TMI, but consider this:  there's 17 pounds that's no longer "between" us, if you know what I mean.  Think about it--that's more than three 5-lb. bags of sugar!  Believe me, that makes a difference.


Oh, and one more thing... I start my ballet class today!  I'm so excited!  I have no idea what to expect, but I'm hoping I like it.  Too bad there won't be a video--wouldn't you love to see that?  HA!


raydenzel1 said...

I am glad the diet is working out.

That is a very nice picture of the two of you.

Better start working on your
En pointe and Plié! lol


Debbie said...

Awwwww! LOVE YOU SO MUCH! And I wish we could have had the entire weekend to yak yak yak but now that we're BFF's we can do that anytime.
ok - you gotta tell me about the ballet class. I took ballet for years and years and have actually looked around in my area but they don't offer classes for old fat ladies ....

JeannetteLS said...

Been sporadic at best checking things out. But I think if ANYONE can help people get stuff done instead of feel paralyzed when change is dumped on them YOU are the one. And you'd make them laugh WHILE they get shit done. The presents of your book were a hit.

I guess I think of you as someone who kind of takes change by the throat and turns it into wings. STUPID thought on my part, but it's the way my mind goes.

Ballet. I'm trying to picture the woman presented here in ballet classes. Fantastic. Ballet will never be the same.

Here's to a great 2012 for us all.

Mimi said...

well done on your fantastic weight loss, can't wait to hear about the ballet class, would love to see a video of it! He he!
So you can drink loads of Guinness then? You should design a new ad campaign for them! (drink your way to weight loss!!)

Julie D said...

Whew. I was worried about there being someone crazier than me out there. Thankfully, there's not.

Congrats on the diet! Woohoo!

Rattus Scribus said...

Isn't Debbie great? Smart. and funny as hell. I met her going on close to 2 years ago when my wife and I went to CA for visit, we became instant friends. I'm you two were able to meet. All the best.

Sam said...

how about "Linda Lou - Rainmaker"?