Saturday, January 28, 2012

Traveling again!

This morning I took a quick flight up to Boise to see these folks.

Looking good, eh?  (I like to pretend I'm Canadian.)  Yup, those are snow covered mountains you see, just past the snow covered hair.

And look who else is up here.

Sister time!!! 

As you can see, I am wearing that shirt every day.  Because when something's true, you should proclaim it from your chest every. single. day. 

I got lots of compliments from women in the airport--everyone wants one.  Do you?  You can get it here.  Warning:  They run kind of small. I have a size Large and it fits perfectly and I'm usually a Medium.  It is a fun shirt, that's for sure!  Last week I bought the domain name  Can you believe it was available?  Now I have to come up with some fun website.  Or maybe that could be a book title.  I have a lot to do...

Anyway,  Debbie of From Venting to Viggo fame and I were laughing last Saturday night about how we're both a friggin' pain in the ass because we're so damn fussy about everything.  I thought of her during my flight.  The plane was two-thirds empty--Yay, right?--and I like to sit in the back because you have the best chance of having some room to yourself.  So I get myself all situated with my  Altoids, pen, People magazine and USA Yesterday (they don't publish on the weekend) folded to the crossword--I'm all situated--and what happens but a couple sits right in the row in front of me.

I'm thinking, "The whole back of the plane is empty and you have to sit there?"  Not in my row, mind you, but the row in front of me.  Nonetheless, I am annoyed beyond belief and now my whole flight is ruined because I have to look at that flake of dandruff on the guy's head just inches away from me and if he reclines his seat during the flight I'm gonna lose it.  Which he, of course, does, thus forcing my eyeballs to roll clear back to my cerebellum where no doubt they will someday be stuck for good. 

Now, you might ask, if the plane was so empty, why didn't I just move to another seat?  BECAUSE I THOUGHT THAT WOULD BE RUDE!  So I sat there fuming, just hating this couple for two freakin' hours.  Jesus H, can you imagine being married to me??? I'm a mess. 

Courtney once made herself an "I'm a mess" T-shirt.  Maybe I should have her make me one.


Jay said...

You control how you feel. So it wasn't this couple, it was how you reacted and felt about what they did.

This happens to me a lot. I simply get up and move. I'll (likely) never, ever see these people again...and if I did, so what?

Take charge, take control, feel how you want to feel.

Debbie said...

1. That is a GREAT picture of you ... and p.s. YOU ARE too pretty to work;
2. I would have done the same thing LOL! I totally get your anger AND your not wanting to move because they might think you're rude so instead you stay where you are, stay angry and simmer for two hours ... so something I would do. Thank God for LINDA LOU.

Mimi said...

LMAO at the "thought it would be rude to move" bit! You are definitely too funny to work!
Also too pretty, but I'm laughing so much I had to write the funny bit too.

Taradharma said...

next time, be rude. it's the only way, really. Besides, maybe they wouldn't even have noticed!