Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Heading back to Vegas later

Just a quick post today.  Lori and I are flying to Vegas this afternoon and then she'll be continuing on to Albany.  I'm hoping I get home in time for my ballet class at 5:30; it's going to be tight.  Don't worry, I've been practicing while I've been away.

I'm such an a-hole.  We've have a ball here in Boise.  Yesterday we dragged Mom to a saloon we found up in the mountains outside of town. 

Mom and Lori
 She's such a good sport--we tried to get her to shoot some pool with us, but she was happy to sit there with an amaretto on the rocks and watch while grooving to the tunes we played on the juke box.  What a great way to send a Monday afternoon; soooooo much better than being at work!

Then last night Lori and I visited a place called called Brewphoria.  Thanks to my reader Other Mikey's Julie for the tip--it really is beer heaven!

I gotta say, it took a while to get used to, but I am so digging the lighter hair color.  I had it done on January 1 and ordinarily at this point I'd have about an inch of gray roots, but the blond highlights blend so well I'm no longer such a slave to my hair. 

What took me so freakin' long to do this?  Seriously, if you know someone with fine, thin, crappy hair that's now starting to come in gray, very gently advise them to get a layered cut with layers of color.  I haven't complained about my hair in weeks--that's a first!  And if you're in the Vegas area, let me hook you up with my gal Lynn Yafchak at Lety's Salon on Tropicana and Topaz (702) 251-5757.  She's amazing.

So now I'll have to find something else to complain about... Yeah, that won't be hard.  All it would take is someone sitting in front of me on the plane with a flake of dandruff for me to stare at for two hours.


Taradharma said...

belly up to the bar, Linda!! so funny. Funny does not equal a-hole, btw.

JeannetteLS said...

Well, we can hope you had a dandruff infested person with a bratty kid, then!

or not.

I think your hair looks beautiful. I found this out about ten years ago (I'm older than you), but it got TOO light for a little while. Now, though, I have a similar cut and I love the multi-colored strands when the light hits it. Yours does that, too.

I'm glad you had a wonderful visit, Linda Lou.

raydenzel1 said...

all I can say is amazing!

Julie D said...

I love the blonde hair but can you take a picture NOT in a dark bar so I can really see the color?? LOL

Mandy said...

The first picture redefines barre work!