Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy friggin’ Monday

I know, I don’t usually post today, but I had this thought that’s perfect for a Monday.

Did you happen to see the Family Guy episode a couple of weeks ago where Stewie cloned himself and created a “Bitch Stewie” who did all the stuff that real Stewie didn’t want to do himself? At first I thought it was a brilliant idea and I’d give anything to create a “Bitch Linda” who could sit in my depressing gray cubicle writing stupid shit all day and do my grocery shopping and pump my friggin’ gas… and then I thought, yikes, Bitch Linda would be probably be taking over 80 percent of my life--there’s precious little I’d willingly be doing myself that I wouldn’t gladly farm out.

Jesus H, is that a depressing thought or what?

How about you? Would Bitch Clone be going through the motions of most of your waking hours, too?


Tara said...

right now I'd love for my Bitch Clone to get up with the baby all night long..... Everything else I could handle if I could only get more than 2 hours sleep at a time :)

Anonymous said...

Clearly I would take a clone to do the crappy stuff... laundry, answering the question, What's for dinner?" and dealing with morons all day. But, like you said, this IS the greatest percentage of my exisitance...! YIKES!!

gayle said...

Yes she a days she would almost take over my life!! Except when I am with my grandson!!

Perplexio said...

Given the current economy, I'd outsource my "bitch self" to India. His name would probably be something like Sanjay Patel, he'd be from Koolkata (Calcutta for us American folk) and claim his real name was "Richard Timberlake" in a thick Indian accent whenever speaking to Americans on the phone.

Trouble is, if I had him screening my calls for me, it might mess with the in-laws heads.

PS: I noticed you're originally from Albany. I'm originally from Malone, about 3 1/2 north of Albany. It's that part of NY state that I don't believe most folks down in Manhattan even realize exists. And even those who do, don't tend to realize people actually live up there year round. They think it's just a vacation area that is only seasonally inhabited.

Other Mikey's Julie said...

Crap Linda - you just ruined my fantasy with your logic!

Lori Biker said...

I would want my Bitch Clone to attend events that I have to go to when I would much rather be somewhere else. Responsibility vs Pleasure. I can't elaborate in print because then some people may know I am with them for responsibilty reasons...not pleasure. This way, they only wonder.